Database tables

Started by Andrey


Database tables   03 February 2012, 19:22

Good day.
Can someone send me description of rows in sqllite-tables? I want use to generate my reports

Can PI work with MS SQL Server?
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Database tables   03 February 2012, 19:49

In this case you need the JOB table, which is mainly self-descriptive. If you have any specific questions about, please post them here.

The software currently only works with SQLite, no external database server can be used.

Database tables   03 February 2012, 21:42

Andrew, can u explain PAGE_TOTAL value formation? How it calculates?
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Database tables   04 February 2012, 01:14

The PAGE_TOTAL column contains the total number of pages that the document contains. This value may be zero if the print job does not contain page delimiting information.

It may not be the same number as the number of pages printed. For the number of printed pages use the formula PAGE_COUNT x PAGE_COPIES.

Hope this helps.

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