Export per-user report

Started by Bryan


Export per-user report   12 October 2006, 01:56

I've received the go-ahead from the owners of our company to purchase Print Inspector; however I'm having this one issue that needs to be address first, as this is the reason behind our puchase intent.

I'm trying to export a report of print usage of all printers on a per user basis from last week. I'm on the user tab, I go to File...Export Report. In the dialog box, I'm selecting WEEK, and I'm clicking on the checkbox to Output record from all printers. When I click OK, I get "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'GROUP'.

A little bit more testing (just now) reveals that selecting any of the periods (Day, Week, Year) results in the same error. However, if I select "ETERNITY", I'm able to generate the requested report.

Thanks again for all the help (Andrew)

Bryan Fulkersin
IT Director
Moulthrop-Clift, Inc.
SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

Re: Export per-user report   14 October 2006, 14:40

Thank you for the detailed report. This was actually a bug in an SQL query in the Print Inspector GUI. We've just fixed it and put the update into the installation package. However, to avoid re-installation of the software, I would recommend to download just the updated module. Simply download this file and unpack it to overwrite the old pinpsector.exe located in the installation directory. Please let me know if it solved the problem.

Re: Export per-user report   16 October 2006, 22:58

Hi Andrew...

The update module solved the problem. I'm now able to plug in dates and not receive the error. Thanks so much for the quick resolution.

FYI - Our company pays bills on Thursdays. I'll be purchasing Print Inspector later this week.

Thanks again for all the help, and a great product for any business! This is going to be a big help in getting us towards the "paperless office environment" by letting everyone see how much paper they're wasting.

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