How to solve SMTP request error : connect error 10013

Started by Fred

Hi, we purchased Print Inspector software license a while ago and have been using it with no problems at all, including mail alert schedule. Recently we migrated to a new server and don't seem to get the mail alert schedule to work properly.
The Event Log Viewer shows "SMTP request error : CONNECT error 10013"
That line appears 10 times, then "Giving up after 10 SMTP errors", then "Recovering after 10 SMTP errors", and then 10 errors repeat again.

What are we doing wrong and what can we do to fix this error?
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Re: How to solve SMTP request error : connect error 10013   17 May 2018, 10:59

Error 10013 is usually caused by antivirus or firewall software. Basically this error means that the required socket connection is being denied. This is a generic issue not specific to Print Inspector: a simple google search will show how common it is.
Socket error 10013 message implies that a port is blocked and/or unreachable.

To fix it, you can try turning off any security software (such as antivirus and firewall product) installed on your server. Alternatively, you can add PrintInspectorService.exe to the list of permitted programs (white list) in that security software, so it allows Print Inspector to make the connection.
Thank you for the quick reply. We have white-listed Print Inspector in our Internet security suite and everything works well now!

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