Monochrome printing job reported as colour

Started by Mike


Monochrome printing job reported as colour   07 February 2019, 19:35

Been using Print Inspector for a while and we quite like it. However, all jobs are being detected as colour when we know this is not the case. We have 2 printers in use - a Ricoh 5504 and an MPC307 - both show everything as colour. We've done some testing and made 100% sure the job is going through as mono but no joy. Can you advise please?

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Re: Monochrome printing job reported as colour   07 February 2019, 19:46

Some printers incorrectly report all jobs as colour or black & white regardless of the actual job type. It is a known issue and unfortunately no solution is currently available.

More details on is why it happens:

There is a data structure called DEVMODE. This structure has a field called dmColor, which can be either DMCOLOR_COLOR or DMCOLOR_MONOCHROME.

Some printers do not use this field and instead pass colour information in another field called dmDriverExtra. Unfortunately that data is in undocumented vendor-specific format, so Print Inspector cannot extract job details from it.
Thank you for the explanations! I was wondering about that, why this gets reported differently for different printers.

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