Monitoring the size of the printed file

Started by Henry


Monitoring the size of the printed file   20 February 2019, 10:15

Two questions:

1. How to monitor the size of a file printed from Photoshop.
I am printing using the trial version of Print Inspector, but since Photoshop does not report the size of the printed document and how many times it was printed (example: 1 tabloid 12X18" 10 times does not report the printed size or quantity), it puts it as 0.0 X 0.0. Will this be solved in the licensed version?

2. Print Inspector can be started with a password, but if I leave someone on that computer, they can close it. It is possible to do something that the user could not close Print Inspector or change its settings? I want the program to open when I start Windows, but so that the person using that PC could not close it without having a key, and the the program was hidden in the system tray.

I want to buy the licence, but I don't know if these two questions can be resolved.
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Re: Monitoring the size of the printed file   20 February 2019, 10:21

1. Unfortunately some printers do not report all the information correctly. It is a known issue and I am afraid no solution is currently available.

If you are interested in details, here is an explanation why it happens. There is a data structure called DEVMODE. This structure has a set of fields (dmPaperSize, dmPaperLength, dmPaperWidth) that carry the size information. Some printers do not use these fields, and instead pass the size information in another the dmDriverExtra filed. Unfortunately, dmDriverExtra data is in undocumented vendor-specific format, so the print job details cannot be extracted from it reliably.

There is no difference in functionality between the trial and the licensed versions of Print Inspector, except that the trial is limited by a 30-day period. Since some printers do not report information in full or correctly, we provide a fully-functional trial to our users, so that they could test Print Inspector with their hardware and purchase a licence only if they are happy with the results.

2. You don't need to keep the management console running. Printers are monitored by the system service that runs regardless of the management console being open or not. Print jobs will continue to be logged even when the management console is not running.

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