How much bandwidth does Print Inspector use for remote queues?

Started by TryingItOut

1. How much bandwidth does Print Inspector use to monitor remote print queues? How often does it check queues? Will it still work over slower WAN links?

2. When monitoring remote print queues, and you try to add a printer, you can only add printers to which you have previously locally installed? Is there a way to import a list of print queues to monitor without having to install each printer manually and then one by one add them in Print Inspector?

3. Is there a way to possibly schedule the "Export Report"? For example, I would like to automatically dump the daily printing info to a file.
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Re: How much bandwidth does Print Inspector use for remote queues?   26 October 2005, 20:47

1. It requests the queue every second, so the bandwidth can be heavier than the WAN link capacity. It is not recommended to install Print Inspector remotely. It works better if it is installed directly on a print server with locally connected printer.

2. No way to monitor printers not configured locally.

3. Since Print Inspector stores all the information a standard MS Access database, you can easily build any report using MS Access or windows scripting called by a scheduler.

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