Print Inspector does not start

Started by Marco


Print Inspector does not start   13 August 2008, 19:14

I just installed Print Inspector and during installation I set the server, SQL Server user, and database name.
When I try to start the program it says: "Unable to connect to the Print Inspector service"
"Make sure the "pinspserv.exe" process is running"
System error code 2
The system cannot find the specified file.

It does not open any window after this.

Can help to find what is wrong? Thanks,
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Print Inspector does not start   14 August 2008, 01:46

Please check if there is the file ERROR.LOG in the Print Inspector installation directory and if it exists, post its contents here.

Print Inspector does not start   18 August 2008, 19:46

Usually I restart my computer every two weeks. So when I re-started my computer and opened the program it worked fine, made the connection to the remote SQL server database and now we are learning to control the printing.

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