Incorrect number of printed pages

Started by Nicolas


Incorrect number of printed pages   07 October 2008, 11:40

Hello there
I have a cyber cafe and the Print Inspector program looks very useful to me, but my problem is that I have the evaluation version of the print inspector and always "marks" 4 Pages. What can I do to change the number of pages? Because it affects the cost and the total of sales. I tried changing the time of service.ini, but got an error. Can anyone help?
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Re: Incorrect number of printed pages   23 October 2008, 19:11

This a well-known problem, but there is probably no solution. Most printing software specify number of pages/copies correctly, but some do not, and therefore Print Inspector is unable to determine the correct number of pages. Sometimes the printer's driver also reports a wrong number. Unfortunately there's nothing that we can do about this.

The best approach is the one you took: to try the free trial version before purchasing, so that you don't buy a program when you not 100% happy about how it works with your hardware, even if it is not the program's fault.

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