Unable to connect network printer

Started by saravanan.M


Unable to connect network printer   22 October 2008, 18:57

I could not connect the network printer. if i tried to it, it shows code 5 access denied. how to fix it.
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Re: Unable to connect network printer   23 October 2008, 19:18

In order to allow Print Inspector to monitor network printers you must specify an existing user name and password (for example an administrator account) who can access the network printers. Otherwise Print Inspector will be unable to access non-local printers.

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If you have done so, yet still getting 'access denied', check the 'Use administrative privileges' as shown here:

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Re: Unable to connect network printer   13 April 2010, 05:59

What if you've done both of the above with the domain admin credentials and still cannot get data from the network printers except for jobs started from where the software is running?
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Re: Unable to connect network printer   18 April 2010, 17:29

This depends on what sort of network printers you have. Unfortunately if the printer is connected directly to the network, you cannot monitor it. Print Inspector does not support standalone network printers (which are connected directly to the network), simply because a standalone network printer does not notify the computer with Print Inspector if other computers do printing.

It requires printers to be attached to a print server (usually via a USB cable) while Print Inspector should be installed on that print server as well. Users then should print their jobs through this computer as a print server in order to their activity to be recorded.

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