Print Inspector stops monitoring when printer is turned off and turned back on after some time

Started by Daniel

Our configuration:
- The software is installed on a computer with WinXP that has a shared printer accessed by other network pcs.

- On the advanced tab of "print server properties", show informational notifications is enabled.

When working normally:

All the prints are logged, displaying correctly the pc that sent the print, number of pages and cost, both for the local pc (with the shared printer connected to it) and the network pcs that use it.

The problem:
We weren't able to replicate the problem, but it occurs after the printer is disconnected from the pc and is shown as an offline printer.

11/11/2008 04:43:19 p.m. Monitoring has been terminated due to the problem: Canon iP1600 became unavailable (The RPC server is unavailable)

After the error no prints are logged, but the informational notifications are still shown (just tested on local pc) showing: "This document was sent to the printer" + document name, printer name, time sent and total pages.

The workaround:

Restarting service fixes the problem. After restarting it all prints are logged again.

Is there some kind of fix for this? So that the service doesn't need to be restarted manually every time the error occurs?

Help on this will be greatly appreciated
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Print Inspector stops monitoring when printer is turned off and turned back on after some time   19 November 2008, 15:19

Sorry for the delay with the reply. Unfortunately the current version of Print Inspector may not work properly with printers that were disconnected and then reconnected. We are aware of this problem and working towards its resolution.

Update: All the outstanding issues including this one with unavailable printers will be fixed in the new release of Print Inspector v7.0.

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