Access Denied error for control of printer

Started by Sharon


Access Denied error for control of printer   04 March 2006, 05:01

I am trying Print Inspector to see if it will work for our public library. I am attempting to control a network printer. The print inspector software is installed on a WindowsXP Pro workstation, the printer is connected to a TCP/IP port on our LAN. The server for our LAN (which also acts as a print spooler) is a Windows 2003 Server machine.

I am logged in to an account that has permission to modify and control print jobs. When I attempt to use print inspector to pause or delete a job, I get System Error Code: 5, access is denied. I have tried using the settings to log in as administrator for the domain, and still get the same error.

Is there another setting I may have missed that I need to change?
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Re: Access Denied error for control of printer   05 March 2006, 03:41

That's our omission and we have just published an update. Please download a latest release from our web-site, install it over the previously installed copy and enable a newly added option 'Use administrative privileges' in the Print Inspector options. After that it should work.

Thank you!   05 March 2006, 07:51

Thank you! It works perfectly now. We will try it for the next week, then, if it continues to fulfill our needs, purchase. As of right now, I would anticipate purchasing it next week.

I also plan to recommend it to other libraries.

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