Print Inspector not refreshing

Started by Paul Munro

Paul Munro

Print Inspector not refreshing   16 March 2006, 22:53


Installed the trial version yesterday. Went extremely well. Great product. Open it up today (we are a large school that handles lots of printing as you can imagine) and the history only registers the jobs from yesterday. The page won't refresh the vies. Nothing seems to be happening now.

Is there any reason for this or something I am missing at all?

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Re: Print Inspector not Refreshing   17 March 2006, 03:48

Is there anything in the Print Inspector event log? This could happen if the printer became unavailable for some reason and the Print Inspector was unable to restore the connection.

Re: Print Inspector not Refreshing   17 March 2006, 20:33


Nope- nothing there that would indicate anything wrong with printer connections. What I *did* do was clear the database file and relaunch PI, and then it started to pick up the printer outputs fine. I left it on overnight (running in the system tray) and it has kept yesterday's print job logs *and* started logging those form today. I will keep watching this, but so far (in spite of that small hitch) it's a good product that I think we could use.

Thanks- any further advice would be appreciated if you think it is needed.

Paul, UK
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Re: Print Inspector not Refreshing   17 March 2006, 20:50

Paul, please note that Print Inspector consists of two modules: system service that monitors your printers and runs at a system start and the GUI with reports, configuration, etc. You don't have to run the each time to enable monitoring. Instead, check if the process pinspserv.exe is running. Optionally you can restart it from the 'Services' control panel applet.

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