Print Inspector and Novell Printer Queue

Started by Klaus Gundermann

Klaus Gundermann

Print Inspector and Novell Printer Queue   12 November 2005, 23:04

Hi, I am trying to use Print Inspector with printer queues defined on a NetWare 6 server.
First when setting up the service account I am only able to select user from the local PC and not from the Novell server.
Running PrintInspector I am able to select the Netware Queue and a window pops up asking me for a netware logon account. When giving him the Admin password I am able to see the waiting print jobs for the queue. ( Please show in the status bar how many print jobs are waiting .. )
But I am not able to pause printing ( Gives me an error message: System error code: 5 Access denied. )
I am able to delete print jobs, thats fine, but it would be nicer if i could select several jobs at once ...
In History there are no entries, ( I think because the service is only running as a local account ??)

We appreciate your help.
Best regards

Klaus Gundermann
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Re: PrintInspector and Novell Printer Queue   13 November 2005, 21:18

Sorry, Print Inspector requires to be installed on a Windows based print server (i.e. a PC running Windows with physically connected printers). Any other layouts might work incorrectly or not work at all.

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