Color vs B&W

Started by Mike


Color vs B&W   11 April 2006, 22:54

Does Print Inspector have a way of recording if a print job is color or black & white? We want to use this on our color printer but need to know who is printing color and who is printing black & white.
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Re: Color vs B&W   11 April 2006, 23:23

Yes, it records the job type, but everything depends on the printer driver capabilities. Some printers unfortunately always report all jobs as being color or b/w. So, I'd recommend to download a trial copy and test how it would work with your specific printer. To see the job type, choose View - Visible Columns - Color from the main menu.

Re: Color vs B&W?   12 April 2006, 02:10

THanks I'll try it out.

One other question. Does the Print Inspector window have to be open all the time or will it continue to monitor the queues in the background if I exit the application? I'mnot sure if the works is all done thorugh a service behind the scenes and the GUI is just to view it or if the GUI has to be opened for the program to log the jobs.

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Re: Color vs B&W?   12 April 2006, 02:30

The Print Inspector core runs as a service. You don't have to run the GUI to log the jobs.

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