Duplicate host names

Started by Wilfred


Duplicate host names   07 December 2011, 03:46

First of all, I would like to say great product! Helps us alot since we manage hundreds of PCs.

Just a quick question on the host name

When we scan an entire subnet, there are duplicate host names. The IPs are alive, but they are registered with a different host name, on the scanner there are 4 to 5 entires all with the same host name.

Also, sometimes the host name is totally wrong.

How do we correct that?

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host names   07 December 2011, 12:06

I don't know, it's possible there is some sort of cache or another application is interfering.

Try typing tracert x.x.x.x where x.x.x.x is the IP address of a problematic host and see what it says under Tracing route to YYY.

If the name is also incorrect, the problem is not in the network scanner.

host names   07 December 2011, 23:25

I am seeing the same problem but can concur with Andrew that this is not a Netscan issue. I did as suggested and the tracert returns the same info that netscan does. When I do a nbtstat -a, it returns correct information. I'm still looking into the cause as I have checked everything on the workstation and can find no misconfiguration in the network settings.
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host names   08 December 2011, 00:53

Try restarting the DNS client service, it may help.

host names   10 December 2011, 02:10

Any virtual hosts?

Is there a 1:1 correspondence to ip:hostname?
I.E., if you have >1 hostname per ip address that might be a confusion.
Might be able to jigger your dns records.

host names   10 January 2012, 04:08

Yes there is 1:1 IP vs Hostname.

I tried restarting the DNS on my machine, same result.

I tried flushing and regsitering DNS, same result.

Is there any other option I could tweak?

host names   12 January 2012, 06:09

You might try
ipconfig /flushdns
run netscan
ipconfig /displaydns

post the results

Re: Duplicate host names   07 November 2015, 06:30

i have this same issue i did all of the above no avail
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Re: Duplicate host names   07 November 2015, 11:31

If you want helpful advice, you'd need to tell what exactly you did and what you got.

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