I love SoftPerfect Network Scanner! Any new versions soon?

Started by coolhot

I love SoftPerfect Network Scanner! Helps Me a lot. And its free!!!!
Thank you Million Times. Can't wait you guy can make this progie more hard to beat.

thank you
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Re: Any new versions soon?   30 September 2006, 23:39

Thanks for your comment smile No new version currently planned. Any ideas what useful features could be added to the network scanner? Any wishes?

Re: Any new versions soon?   08 October 2006, 10:13

I would appreciate a column for date / time scanned as mentioned in an other post. And maybe an optional random scan of ip ranges. This would make scanning more flexible for changing ip addresses. And the feature i really wood appreciate is an PAUSE / CONTINUE button. And an other term is the performance. Always when network scanner is scanning an IP range my computer lacks on performance (Intel P4 2,8 GHz, 1GB RAM, ADSL 6000). A Rescan function for a single IP would be very nice too, so I don't have to ping manually an IP which was scanned a few hours ago to check if the IP is still alive.
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Re: Any new versions soon?   15 October 2006, 01:51

To reduce the performance degradation, you may try to decrease the number of concurrent threads (see the Options). We also just added the 'Rescan' menu item as you requested. We'll consider your remaining wishes and may add them in the future.

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