Feature request: extra pinger tool

Started by Helper

Feature request: extra pinger tool   27 November 2006, 21:07


A great extension should be to add the ability to select some @IP in the result list to add them to a pinger extension.

What do you think of ?

Then you could add a realtime statistics result on this specific list for how many pings have been sent/received, plus a ratio to inform us about the availability based on that information.

Then this tool would be all-in-one swiss-knife.

If it not possible for the moment, i could suggest you to add a refresh check-button (with an optional intervals setting) to the existing version. But this solution do not focus on the expected nodes selected in a pinger extension. This could be a first stage before this extension.

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new feature : extra pinger tool   28 November 2006, 21:52

The network scanner is not a host monitoring tool, but if you just want to monitor link to a specific host, I'd recommend to add ping as an external command (see attached screen shot). This extends the network scanner with an additional pinger command.
open | download – external_ping.gif (5.5 KB)

new feature : extra pinger tool   28 November 2006, 21:55

It's OK regarding external application.

I only would like to request usefull feature to this tool, now i know your position for it.


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