Merging saved IP lists

Started by CattBoy


Merging saved IP lists   30 January 2007, 10:15

I absolutely LOVE this program, but one quick question maybe i just missed it somewhere.... is there anyway to save a list of gathered ip/computers and either
A) add it to an already saved list or
B) merge 2 lists together, that way i do not have like 10 saved lists

thanks a lot... plus

Is there anyway to delete your hostname? I can change it but not delete it in general to become completely anonymous

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Merging saved IP lists   30 January 2007, 15:20

Which file format you would like to merge? The network scanner is able to save the data into a XML, TXT, HTML or CSV file. All these files are actually text files and you can merge them using any text editor like Notepad. As to your question, a host may or may not have a name. It depends on how it was configured. This question has no relation to the network scanner itself.

Merging saved ip lists...   30 January 2007, 23:53

Well i currently have been saving them as XML files, and I know that i can open them with a notepad but wont the duplicates mess things up? IE copy pasting one list with 50 and another list with 75 whereas the 75 has probably 30 of the same ips as the 50 list did... also I it doesn't relate to the network scanner I was just wondering if you knew how :p thanks again

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