WoL Manager and backwards broadcast addresses

Started by rseiler

WoL Manager and backwards broadcast addresses   08 September 2016, 04:08

I'm using 6.1.9 but don't know if this happened before. I think not, though.

When using "Save MAC to WoL Manager" or actually in the Manager and using Add IPv4 Target, the broadcast address is backwards! If you're using, this won't be noticed, of course, but:


Interestingly, even when you use Advanced to correct it, it still shows as backwards in the Manager. Perhaps it's just a new display issue, but earlier entries (pre 6.1.9) in the Manager are showing as

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Re: WoL Manager and backwards broadcast addresses   08 September 2016, 07:13

Sounds like the you've gone through a number of versions and in one of them the default broadcast address got erroneously transposed during config upgrade. I remember fixing a related issue in 2014.

Thing is, the default broadcast address is only used when adding a new entry in the WOL manager. It doesn't have any effect on any entries already there. So if you've corrected the default address (under the Advanced button), any new entries added with Add IPv4 Target or Save MAC to WoL Manager should be correct.

Re: WoL Manager and backwards broadcast addresses   09 September 2016, 01:42

It was as simple as that, thanks again.

And you're right, this system has seen many, many version upgrades.

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