Asterisks in a scheduled task output of a licensed copy

Started by Chris

We use Network Scanner to take a capture of which computers are connected to our network on a daily basis. We have a scheduled task that runs this. The output of the scheduled task has only 10 rows that are fully visible, and all further rows contain asterisks/stars ***. When the job is run manually, the entire output is readable, so it appears the issue is purely related to it being a scheduled task.

The product is licensed and displays the license info correctly, so in our case these are not asterisks due to the trial version limitation. Is a different license required to run NetScanner as a scheduled task?

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Re: Asterisks in a scheduled task output of a licensed copy   19 May 2020, 11:59

It is most likely that the application can't find its licence information because the Task Scheduler runs it under a different user. To resolve this, change the scheduled task to run under the same user account where you normally use it.

Alternatively, you can download the portable version of the Network Scanner and place it in a separate folder. After that, go to menu Help - Enter Licence Key and paste your licence key. In the portable version, it will be saved in the same folder as the executable file. Now you can use NetScanner in scheduled scans and the licensing information and configuration will always be loaded from the same folder, regardless of which user account is used.

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