Additional columns in reports

Started by Scott


Additional columns in reports   05 January 2006, 07:26

Is it possible to add additional columns? I use this on a domain and it reports back to me the first hostname from each IP in the reverse lookup zone on the DNS server. I manually need to clean this out from time to time, but if it would allow a column to show the Computer/NETBIOS name also I would be able to more accurately determine the computer I am viewing. Thanks!
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Re: Additional columns in reports   06 January 2006, 00:38

Actually the network scanner returns either NetBios name or FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) depending on the network configuration (uses the standard gethostbyaddr call). There is no way to extract both names or force resolving into FQDN or NetBios names.

Additional columns?   15 February 2006, 03:49

How about the adding the column "User Name" to show the current logged in user?
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Re: Additional columns?   15 February 2006, 14:59

We tried it, but were unable to find reliable code to determine logged on user across the network.

Re: Additional columns?   10 September 2006, 10:13

I would apreciate a new column for date & time for each host scanned.

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