Feature ideas: shared folder security

Started by Laurent


Feature ideas: shared folder security   19 November 2008, 09:27

First of all, congratulations, great tool, and the fastest I've tested!

Now, it would be great to have a column detailing the local and AD groups that have read/write access to each share folder. As an example, a very primitive tool such as sysinternals' ShareEnum does something like this (see [technet.microsoft.com])
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Feature ideas   19 November 2008, 14:39

Hi Laurent, thanks for the idea. We'll add some shared folder security scanning features in the next version.

Follow-up   12 March 2009, 04:48

Any status on this feature?

thanks and By the way nice scanner.
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Feature ideas   23 March 2009, 01:08

Work in progress currently smile

Update: preliminary support for shared folder security scan has been implemented. A test build is available here. The Enable security & user permission scan option must be enabled in the network scanner's options under the Shares tab. There will be one rightmost column added, which can then be dragged to a suitable position. Currently the network scanner is only capable of showing Everyone's permissions on a shared folder. We appreciate any suggestions, comments or bug reports.

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