RAM Disk freezes when creating a Boot Disk

Started by R Siedlak

R Siedlak

RAM Disk freezes when creating a Boot Disk   16 January 2011, 01:12


Any suggestions please on why SoftPerfect RAM Disk freezes when I want to create a Boot Disk while mounted on logon works fine?

System: Win2k3 Standard SP2 x64, 4GB RAM
SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

Boot Disk   17 January 2011, 00:13

Could you please clarify whether it freezes upon clicking Add Boot Disk or when you click OK after setting the disk parameters?
R Siedlak

Boot Disk   17 January 2011, 10:13


Just after click OK in Add/Edit Disk window. There is also no possibility to kill the process from Task Manager hence only hard reset will do the job...
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Boot Disk   20 January 2011, 02:02

It looks like a conflict with another product installed on your machine.

Are there any antivirus products, system state and snapshot management software, firewalls?

Most likely there a third-party driver that our RAM disk has a compatibility issue with.

I would be grateful if you could help us identify the problem.

Boot Disk   24 January 2011, 03:28

Hi Andrew,

In exception to Kaspersky 11 (disabled during my tests) there is no additional, 3rd party software installed different than built-in ones in Windows 2003 Server x64

Did you test your product on Win2k3 platform by the way?

Boot Disk   24 January 2011, 06:36

Yes, it should work well on Windows Server 2003 family systems (both x86 and x64). Try to uninstall any Kaspersky Lab products you have, reboot the system and run your tests again. The uninstall procedure is required because antivirus drivers stay active even after you turn off real-time protection.

Boot Disk   03 April 2011, 12:55

Found the guilty party - Kaspersky (KAV 2011)


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