Very new to this - some help please

Started by Brian Turner

Brian Turner

Very new to this - some help please   14 April 2012, 19:47

Just bought the programme SoftRam.because I want to speed up my work.

I understand about creating a ram disk and image. What is not clear to me is do I somehow have to load the programmes I am using into the Ram disk?
Translation memory and voice recognition software?

Or is it enough to copy the data and projects I am working on into the Ram disk. work and when finished copy back to their original folder?

Appreciate some guidance.

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Very new to this - some help please   15 April 2012, 13:16

Hi Brian,

Basically a RAM disk is a very fast but volatile storage. It makes sense to put there files that are often read and written, and preferably whose loss is not fatal. This is because if for some reason, e.g. a power loss the system restarts, everything on the RAM disk will be gone for good.

So yes, you could put your frequently used applications there as well as the you are working on. The latter probably will be more beneficial, depending on the size and amount of files you are using.

Hope this helps.

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