Can I use RAM Disk to increase RAM of virtual desktop?

Started by h67655

i have this vps server which has physical ram of 3 GB + 90 GB hard disk (the vps server itself might be visualized ). i installed virtual windows desktop inside it. the virtual windows desktop has same ram of 3 GB + 90 GB hard disk the same as the hosting vps server. can i use your ram disk software to increase the ram of virtual desktop i have on a server?

(the vps server itself might be visualized ) this mean that the hosting company. bring one big server of about 30 gb ram + 2 tb hard disk +... then they use a software. to visualize the server this visualizing make it easier to split the server into smaller parts. it makes it easier for their customers to build their own custom ram and disk. at the end of all this i think the customer will get real physical ram + real physical hard disk but but re-sizable because it's been spitted by virtualizing software.

so your ram disk software if i used it on a virtual desktop it might be working on real physical ram & real physical hard disk ???
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Increasing RAM of virtual desktop   17 October 2012, 08:11

Sorry, I am afraid this is a wrong product for your goal. Our RAM disk software does not increase RAM by all means. Quite the opposite, it takes up RAM for a fast volatile storage, which does not seem to be usable in your environment.

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