Periodic saving to disk doesn't work

Started by Sylvain


Periodic saving to disk doesn't work   26 October 2012, 22:38

(RAMDisk 3.3.2 64bits)

It seems that the periodic saving of the ramdisk content to file never occurs.
To test it, I set it to every one minute and made some changes to the content of the ramdisk. The timestamp of the image file does not change, indicating that it did not change.

Is it a bug or is there something else to configure ?

Periodic saving to disk doesn't work   27 October 2012, 20:31

What is your operating system?

Periodic saving to disk doesn't work   30 October 2012, 22:47

Windows 7 Enterprise N 64 bits Service Pack 1

Periodic saving to disk doesn't work   19 November 2012, 08:00

Good day,

I installed RAMDISK today and I'm having exactly same issue as Sylvain using fully updated Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit. It only saves contents to disk image when I unmount the disk (date of change of associated .svi image doesn't change periodically).

Here is what my disk settings looks like: [link]
Any ideas?
Thank you very much.

P.S. One suggestion - I'm really missing manual "Save to image" button.
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Periodic saving to disk doesn't work - Fixed   21 November 2012, 14:46

Thank you, I have been able to reproduce the problem. Will let you know shorty and possibly publish a fix.

Update: it seems it was only happening when a boot-time disk was created and only until the first reboot, so probably it no longer matters for you. Please download the fixed build.

Periodic saving to disk doesn't work - Fixed   27 November 2012, 01:30

Hello Andrew,

I actually didn't notice it was only broken before reboot, so I went to different ramdisk. Also I forgot to save this page to bookmarks, sorry for delay smile

Anyway, I can confirm that with latest update it is working as expected, even right after adding new boot disk. Which is great news, because I still like your RamDisk most of all I've tried. Also, it is fastest one I tried smile

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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