Corrupt RAM Disk - Saving to Image

Started by Kris


Re: Corrupt RAM Disk - Saving to Image   26 November 2015, 13:19

Apologies for the double post. I have Windows 10, and I believe it happened after I let my computer go into sleep mode for a little bit. Unconfirmed of course, but it was fine not long ago, then suddenly just gone, while it was mounted I believe. :o I will be happy to provide additional information if you need it. As always, thanks for this useful software, and also your support. smile

Re: Corrupt RAM Disk - Saving to Image   14 December 2015, 05:42

i have the same problem with windows 10 pro last version
i really love SoftPerfect RAM Disk. is there a hope to see a new release with the bug fixed?
thanks for the most beautiful freeware
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Re: Corrupt RAM Disk - Saving to Image   14 December 2015, 20:20

The problem is there's no reproducible test case. It may work for months and never get corrupted. Third-party utilities like CCleaner and TuneUp are also known to damage image files, so it's also unclear which software to blame.

Re: Corrupt RAM Disk - Saving to Image   03 March 2016, 04:58

I had to stop using the persist to disk feature after I noticed data kept going missing. It's fine now on the normal hard disk. I understand it must be hard to find such issues. If you would like any help tracking these bugs down, let me know. laugh Thanks again.

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