Volatility / persistence issue

Started by Richard2


Volatility / persistence issue   06 December 2012, 06:33

To whom may concern,
Win8 64bit
When I create an image [<200MB/NTFS/both (un)removable] and mount it on a boot disk while having the "Save Contents to Image" box off, it still is persistent during shutdown; tried creating image/disk both via console and interface. However, if I restart the computer the drive functions like intended by reloading the intact image. Scenario examples follow:

SHUTDOWN case: Original image has one pdf file; now add video to image; shutdown computer; once turned on again the boot disk will have both pdf and video file. I. E. the boot/image disk saves=bad/don't want.

RESTART case: Original image has one pdf file; now add video to image; restart computer; once back on again the boot disk still only has pdf file. I. E. the boot/image disk resets itself=good/want, but during shutdown too.

Re: Volatility/Persistence issue   26 February 2014, 22:44

The same problem has occurred even 3.4.5.
OS is Windows 7 64bit.

Check box of "Save Contents to Image" is off. However, changes have been saved image file. (This image is "Disks mounted on boot"wink

Re: Volatility/Persistence issue   26 February 2014, 23:29

Check this thread for an explanation of the effect.
SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

Re: Volatility/Persistence issue   26 February 2014, 23:37

Yas is saying it's happening on Windows 7 (the hybrid boot feature AFAIR only emerged in Windows 8). I will check whether that's the case.

Re: Volatility / persistence issue   27 February 2014, 04:56

Thank you for reply.
I tried to research a little. The problem is so does not occur every time. I have reproduced in both shutdown and restart.

Re: Volatility / persistence issue   30 May 2014, 07:09

I've had what I think is this problem on Win 7 x64. In my case I was attempting to put together an automated installer that includes the SoftPerfect RAM disk. To test my install, I first uninstalled the RAM disk but when I reinstalled, my original disk definition was still there and in use. Odd.

After a lot of poking around I finally found where the disk definition is stored. It is in C:\Program Data\SoftPerfect\RAMDiskWS.xml. Apparently, the uninstall procedure does not remove this file and when the new install was done, it found this definition and used it. By removing the SoftPerfect directory I was able to get the next install to repeat the first time install conditions.

To install I wanted the progress to display but no user interaction so I used:

ramdisk_setup.exe /SILENT

To configure and start the RAM disk I used:

"c:\program files\SoftPerfect RAM Disk\ramdiskws.exe" /import:c:\Zfiles\SoftPerfect\RAMDiskWS.xml /mount:D

I used the /import because I wanted a pre-configured drive - again no user interaction.

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