Empty RAMdisk after startup

Started by Rob


Empty RAMdisk after startup   24 June 2015, 23:12

After using Softperfect Ramdisk for about 1 week, on start up today my ramdisk is empty apart from the single folder it had on it which used to contain 3 visual studio projects.
None of the projects are present on the ramdisk. Each project was it's own sub-folder and contains 1000's of files.

How can I recover these folders and their contents?

Any idea why this has happened. I was about to recommend this RAMdisk for production but now I am unsure about even using it on my home machine.
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Re: Empty RAMdisk   25 June 2015, 00:12

Are you using an image-based RAM Disk?

It's crucial to understand that a RAM disk is volatile by design and its content disappears upon shutdown or restart, unless backed by an image file.

Re: Empty RAMdisk   25 June 2015, 00:29

Ah, my misunderstanding. Doh!

I had assumed that the product was automatically backed by an image file. For the last week I have probably been sleeping the computer rather than shutting down. Of course I understand a ram disk is volatile by nature, hence my assumption it would be backed by an image file by default.

Thank you for your prompt response.
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Re: Empty RAMdisk   25 June 2015, 00:34

I am sorry to hear you have lost the data though. Many people use the RAM Disk as a temporary files storage or browser cache, so that's where volatileness is rather desirable.

For your task, please create an image file and associate it with a RAM disk as briefly outlined in the user's manual. I also recommend to periodically backup the image file, just in case.

Re: Empty RAMdisk   29 June 2015, 22:28

Nothing major lost, so no worries. I was running more as a trial of the product for speeding up builds of Visual Studio with VS itself installed on an SSD & solutions/projects on a RAM disk. All is good now and the image file is backed up automatically on a daily basis, but also all projects should be checked in as a matter of course, throughout a working day.

Thanks once again for such a prompt response. I have no problem recommending SoftPerfects RAM disk going forward.

Stephen Bennett

Empty RAMdisk after startup   21 August 2015, 07:05

Please, what steps exactly save the image for the RAM Disk so that it appears immediately after login without having to be remounted each login. I thought that I had followed the steps in the manual and I need create and save an image. file.
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Re: Empty RAMdisk after startup   21 August 2015, 19:02

Not sure what you mean by remounting each login, but here's how an image file can be used:
  1. Create an image file via Image - Create Image in the main menu. This creates an image file on the hard disk.
  2. Put any files and folders to the image. For this, choose Image - Mount Image. This makes the image file accessible via a drive letter. It's still on the hard disk, not in RAM yet.
  3. Once you are done with the files and folders, unmount it with Image - Unmount Image.
  4. Create a RAM disk associated with the image file, which now has your file structure in it. For this, choose Disk - Add Boot Disk and select your image file. This makes a RAM disk associated with your image file.
  5. Tick Save Contents to Image if you want to save any changes to the image on shutdown or not otherwise.

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