Create temporary RAM disk that is not recreated after reboot

Started by Travis

I'm not sure if there's an option I'm missing or what, but I cannot seem to figure out how to create a RAM Disk that doesn't persist after rebooting. I just want to create a temporary RAM Disk that I can use for scratch space, but when I reboot I don't want it to automatically re-mount that same RAM Disk. Yes obviously I could just dismount it before rebooting, but sometimes I might go several days without rebooting and will have forgotten about the RAM Disk being mounted, so it would be more practical to just have a "Temporary" non-persistent RAM Disk in this situation. I feel like I must be missing this option somewhere and I would be really surprised if it's not already there.

I actually never noticed that there were two separate ways to create a RAM Disk, 1. Add, 2. Add Boot Disk. I always use the "+" sign to create a Disk, which is obviously linked to the "Add Boot Disk" menu. I thought that maybe that's what the issue has been this whole time, but now I see that the difference between "Add" and "Add Boot Disk" is that Add creates persistent disks that are mounted at logon, and Add Boot Disk creates persistent disks that are mounted at boot. So I'm still not seeing an option to just create a simple "Temporary Disk".

Please Advise, and Thanks in advance!
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Re: Create temporary RAM disk that is not recreated after reboot   13 August 2018, 10:16

Thank you for your feedback. There isn't exactly a setting for that, but yes it can be easily achieved. Here is how:

There is a console version of the program named ramdiskc.exe located in the application folder. It's designed for creating on-demand RAM disks. Any disk created with the console version is not visible in the GUI and disappears upon shutdown.

So you could create a couple of shortcuts on the desktop to execute these commands:

Create Disk:
"C:\Program Files\SoftPerfect RAM Disk\ramdiskc.exe" /add:R /size:1g /fs:exfat
Remove Disk:
"C:\Program Files\SoftPerfect RAM Disk\ramdiskc.exe" /del:R /force

Whenever you need a disk, launch the first shortcut. If it's no longer needed, launch the second shortcut. A reboot will not automatically recreate it.

To make sure everything works correctly we also recommend to turn off hybrid boot as explained in this article.

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