Saving RAM disk image: whole disk or only the changes?

Started by Jo


I have a short question relating RAM Disk software: if I choose the option for saving RAM Disk Image, before shutdown will the whole size of the RAM Disk Image be saved/written or only the differences between changed data size?

For example: I have 1GB RAM Disk Image and change 100KB of data. Which volume of data would be written to the HDD/SSD where the Image is stored?

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Re: Saving RAM disk image: whole disk or only the changes?   21 August 2018, 11:11

In SoftPerfect RAM Disk we use differential writing: the data is stored in blocks of 2 MB, and only the blocks that changed since the image was last read are written back upon saving.

If you change 100 KB, or even 1.5 MB, it would need to write 2 to 4 MB depending on how much file system metadata has changed and how many blocks the changed data spans (if a piece of data smaller than 2 MB happens to span across the border between 2 blocks, both blocks will need to be re-written).

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