How to release locked memory

Started by Jeff


How to release locked memory   09 June 2019, 13:07


I unmounted the ramdisk, but this time unmount process is unusually long. No error messages. After that, everything is normal. But the memory is not released.

My normal unmount time is 3-5 sec, but this time unmount time was near half a minute. At the same time ramdisk software window freezes. I used Rammap to find driver locked capacity size, which matches ramdisk size.

My question: Except for reboot, are there other ways to release the driver-locked memory?

Thank you very much
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Re: How to release locked memory   09 June 2019, 13:57

Unmounting a RAM Disk is supposed to release all allocated memory. If it does not, something went wrong in that process.

My advice would be to let unmount go as long as it needs (even if it takes up to a minute). If you terminate the application during the operation, memory leaks are possible, in which case the only solution would be a reboot.

If you have a reproducible case, i.e. this happens every time, please submit a support ticket with as many technical details as possible, including your RAM Disk and OS version. With these data we may be able to reproduce the issue in our lab and identify exactly what goes wrong and why.

Re: How to release locked memory   10 June 2019, 09:03

Thank you, I understand.

I only had this problem once, everything else is normal.

I did not terminate the application during the operation (it recovered naturally after freezing for 30 seconds). I cannot reproducible this case, but maybe it's just mount for too long.

Information at the time:
Windows 7 x64 pro
RamDisk version 3.4.8 64-bit

Thank you for your reply

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