Support for video (GPU) RAM disks

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Support for video (GPU) RAM disks   04 June 2021, 00:19

Dear SoftPerfect team,

Have you thought about supporting the creation of RAM disks in a GPU's video RAM?

With today's VRAM sizes, as well as the fact that the 32 GB barrier is approaching fast (by that I mean the necessity for having more than 32 GB, i.e., 64 GB typically in a system), this is becoming an increasingly viable option.

As far as I know, there is only one no-longer-developed tool for VRAM disks, GpuRamDrive on github. While it works, it's an experimental solution which appears to be much slower than traditional RAM disks (~2 GB/s vs. ~10 GB/s on my system).

Any thoughts?
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Re: Support for video (GPU) RAM disks   04 June 2021, 08:17

The rationale for not using GPU is basically what you have just mentioned:
  • It's much slower than RAM and may even be slower than SSDs.
  • It's expensive as GPUs with a lot of VRAM doubled and tripled in price recently.

I am not familiar with the "32 GB barrier", e.g. we have a system here with 96 GB of RAM and it's 5 years old. Most modern motherboards should support over 32 GB RAM, except some laptops. So in a typical desktop PC you could have 128 GB of RAM costing less than 1 GPU and use a regular RAM disk as needed.

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