RAMdisk - great

Started by lemonadesoda

RAMdisk - great   16 November 2009, 21:36

I'm looking forward to the development of your ramdisk product. You have designed a friendly UI. Looks nice so far.

I've been playing with a couple of other ramdisk products, and each have their pros and cons.

Features that are useful:

1./ Ability to use PAE on 32bit OS
2./ Ability to load an image at startup but NOT save it on shutdown (ie. fixed image, not damaged by "user"wink, OR
3./ Ability to load an image and save changes on shutdown
4./ To have a pure volatile disk
5./ To have points 2, 3 and 4 operate independently on different ramdisks that all start at the same time
6./ An image management tool, which allows the admin to create an image....first defragging, then cleaning unused space, then saving as an image file.
7./ An image management tool, that allows the user to load a different image (see point 2)
8./ To have an autoclean function in a temp directory (selectable option). Reason: I use a ramdisk for internet temps... but if the disk fills up... browsing slows down... and I have to manually clean up. It would be useful if the ramdisk automatically cleaned up the oldest internet temps. For security reasons too, for a 24/7 machine. Perhaps allow the temps a "life" of 60 mins or so (user option).

I guess some of these points would fit neatly into some kind of user profile management.

And dont forget 64bit!

I look forward to testing/reviewing the next update!
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RAMdisk - great   20 January 2010, 21:39

First, I apologise for a late reply, but better late than never smile To answer your questions:

1. That's unlikely to be implemented, because this is far from being trivial and potentially unstable. Considering that 64-bit systems are taking over and they can use all the RAM, this doesn't seem worth doing.

2. It's possible in version 2.x already, although the image is mounted in the RAM disk's startup, not the system's startup.

3. It's possible in version 2.x as well smile

4. If not sure, if you mean a disk without an associated image file (i.e. whose contents is blank on startup), yes it's there too.

5. Done

6. This is partially implemented. There are built-in image management tools. On the other hand, there is a drawback: the images cannot be compressed as yet.

7. You can change any disk's properties and assign a new image file if needed.

8. That's possible, however this function also seems dangerous as it may delete files that can be later requested by the OS or software you are using.

A 64-bit version is now available!

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