RAMdisk performance

Started by lemonadesoda

RAMdisk performance   20 November 2009, 06:39

I really like the UI of RAMrisk... and love the taskbar icon.

I've tested the performance against the free romex ramdisk. It seems that romex is currently a little faster than the softperfect BETA version. It means there may be some room for optimisations. Here is the screenie of the two compared on the same PC. (It's an Atom based low power system). The romex is on the left.

SoftPerfect support forum
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RAMdisk performance   30 November 2009, 00:20

Indeed there's a room for improvement. Thank you for posting the test results smile

RAMdisk performance   17 January 2010, 07:23

Same for me. I found softperfect via the Networx tool, which is great.
I figured I'd see what else they had to offer, and a RamDisk seemed interesting.

Did a search for reviews and there was not a whole lot out there. I did find this interesting test though: http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2009/12/08/12-ram-disk-software-benchmarked-for-fastest-read-and-write-speed/
It is dated, and not v2.x, so I downloaded the latest v2.0.1 and gave it a try. Then took another Ramdisk software for comparison. It was listed in the above link as Free, but it is no longer.... I chose VSuite Ramdisk v4.4.6.x. Both were used to create and test a 250MB ramdisk.

It seems that the Softperfefct Ramdisk is lacking in the 4k read/write area, and that is where it really counts.


Is any progress being made in this area?
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RAMdisk performance   17 January 2010, 18:09

Yes, I have to admit that our RAM disk is still slower on smaller blocks, but we are working on it smile On the way from version 1 beta to 2.0 we had optimised sequential and medium-size block operations (this can be seen from the above comparisons, now we slightly outperform VSuite). In one or two months we will be tuning the performance on smaller blocks as well.

Update: in the new version released on March 25, 2010 numerous optimisations have been made throughout the product. Subject to the host OS, projected performance gains compared to the previous version are about 10% for sequential operations, 30-50% for large block operations and 400-600% for small block operations.

RAMdisk performance   03 April 2010, 14:00

Much better numbers on the same test with v3


RAMdisk performance   12 November 2011, 01:34

The numbers above for 3.0 do not match the numbers now on the product page for 3.2.1 (23Jul2011). Are they directly comparable, meaning you've managed to boost the performance that much more? That would be awesome - and a reason to buy now!
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RAMdisk performance   12 November 2011, 15:04

The entire 3.x.x brach shows more or less the same performance.You can test it in your specific environment as the RAM disk application comes as a fully-functional 30-day trial and Crystal Disk Mark can be obtained freely too.

RAMdisk performance   16 September 2012, 07:40

Hello Again,

It's nearly 3 years since my OP. Thought I would come and see how the RAMdisk was developing now we are at v3.x

Today I tested SoftPerfect RAMdisk v3.3.0 against the old original ROMEX (see first post). I am using a different computer. The first test was on an Atom netbook, this test is on a Dual Xeon L5420 workstation. I am running W2K3R2 x86

Here are the results, Romex on the left (X$), and Softperfect on the right (Y$)

SoftPerfect support forum

Since the results are quite poor in comparison for the 4K writes although 4KQD was good, I will check next with another benchmark tool. Back in a moment.

Here we go...

SoftPerfect support forum

And "old" Crystalmark

SoftPerfect support forum

So ATTO bench gives broadly similar results, but Crystalmark is showing quite a difference in 4K. I'm not too worried about +/-20%, but a factor of 2 is worth commenting on.

RAMdisk performance   02 October 2012, 23:27

Just tested against:
Dataram_RAMDisk and RAMDisk "Enterprise". Both of them have over 800 Mb/s in 4K (CrystalDM), while SoftPerfect shows only 70-90 Mb/s.
Simple DDR3 in laptop. Let me know if you need further details on h/w.
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RAMdisk performance   06 October 2012, 21:01

Could you please test the latest version 3.3.1? We seem to have improved it a lot. Also, please post more details about your hardware (motherboard, memory) and Windows version.

RAMdisk performance   10 October 2012, 15:58

here's a data ram
win7 ultimate, 64 bit i3 intel 8gb ddr3 lenovo laptop...
cant get SoftPerfect working here, or I'd gladly do a compare.
open | download – trashme.jpg (38.3 KB)
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RAMdisk performance   11 October 2012, 15:26

Please try the latest build.

If it happens to crash to a BSOD again, we would need a kernel memory dump. Please see here on how to configure it.

Thank you.

RAMdisk performance   13 October 2012, 08:17

Back on the Atom netbook. Romex on the left, Softperfect v3.3.2 on the right

SoftPerfect support forum

EXCELLENT. Softperfect is now the speed-demon. Congratulations. I will check on the performance of the dual Xeons and report back later in the week.

RAMdisk performance   14 October 2012, 17:57

Dual Xeon workstation. Romex on the left, Softperfect v3.3.2 on the right.

SoftPerfect support forum
SoftPerfect support forum

EXCELLENT. Not sure what your "optimisations" were Andrew, but your RAMdisk is now super-fast. v3.3.2 is very much (2x-3x) faster on the 4K results compared with v3.3.0
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RAMdisk performance   14 October 2012, 18:15

That's good to know! Thank you for testing and publishing your results smile

RAMdisk performance-Interesting Thread   17 October 2012, 01:02

Hi Andrew! Thanks for that last optimization.

Please, take a look at the last threads of this forum: forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=356046

I found them interesting and probably you could add a word about it.

RAMdisk performance   22 October 2012, 00:27

Martin, I think you are asking a bit much for Andrew to read through that very long thread in your link. If you have a specific question, post it. It would take HOURS to go through that thread in detail. Please show a bit of consideration to the poor fellow!

RAMdisk performance   25 October 2012, 11:33

lemonadesoda: It was only the last threads.. Only and just the last threads, that I think can be of interest for Andrew. (from 10-12-2012 06:19 dove comment and followings)

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