Is SoftPerfect RAM Disk applicable/useful with Bootcamp?

Started by werbarral


Is SoftPerfect RAM Disk applicable/useful with Bootcamp?   07 February 2010, 02:07


The unavoidable question: Can I apply the SoftPerfect RAMDisk program within Bootcamp, too?

For people not familiar with Bootcamp: Bootcamp is the procedure provided by Apple to install Windows XP or higher on a Mac machine that has Intel built in. So you are allowed to work in an almost complete Windows environment although you have a Mac. "almost" relates to matter like the one I'm asking here.
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RamDisk and Bootcamp   07 February 2010, 22:51

Yes, it should work in Windows loaded via bootcamp as any other regular Windows application. Unfortunately, we haven't yet got a Mac to test it, but in principle, if you install it in a Windows session, it should work just fine. Apparently it will work in Windows only, and will have no effect when you are running MacOS.

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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