TEMP and TMP folders

Started by Vincent


TEMP and TMP folders   08 May 2010, 01:21

So wouldn't there be an option to set up the temp/tmp folders for us in some way? People like me have no idea where things are kept or stored these day. I something to fill in, but that's as far as I get sorry.

Off topic.. Amiga has an AMAZING ability to use its RAM as a disk (it has done since 1985), complete with being ability to be dynamic, you use what's available, you don't have to set what you think it available wink [yes, some of us still use amigas, check my user-ident] for web browsing.

Back on topic, I hope you can help me out as I run my windows using an IDE compact Flash, and im sure the extra OFF-loading would help it a lot!

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temp/tmp folders   08 May 2010, 12:14

Basically Windows stores temporary files in folder(s) specified in the TEMP and TMP environment variables. These variables default to a hard disk folder, however you can change that. Simply create a RAM disk, then choose Tools - Set Windows TEMP folder from the main menu. Update the existing entries to point to the newly created disk, e.g. R:\TEMP. You're done ok, yes, thumb up

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