Option to use unmanaged memory?

Started by TinkerBell


Option to use unmanaged memory?   24 June 2010, 05:43

I'm looking for ramdisk software (and have trialled 4 others) that can make use of so-called "unmanaged" memory (memory not recognised on a 32-bit Windows system - typically anything over 3.5GB).

Can SoftPerfect's Ramdisk make use of such memory (via PAE) and if not, is there any intention of adding such a feature in future? There's little point in ramdisk software otherwise, since Windows itself does a pretty good job of managing memory and caching data.
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Option to use unmanaged memory?   24 June 2010, 07:28

Unfortunately our RAM disk cannot make use of this memory. There is also no intention of adding such a feature in the future as 32-bit versions of Windows are likely to disappear in the nearest future.

As to if there's a point of using a RAM disk otherwise. In short, there is a point and more than one. You can download any hard disk speed test to find that in certain situations RAM disks are superior to hard disks by hundreds of times.

Option to use unmanaged memory?   21 October 2010, 20:56

If there was indeed an option to use the PAE memory on 32-bits Windows versions and Softperfect would have been using a driver instead of a program, than I would definitely have bought it!!

Now I'm stuck to another program with driver and PAE support, but that's only supported by one user only sad

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