New version soon ?

Started by Gerard


New version soon ?   09 September 2010, 22:45


I'am a registered user and I would like to know if a new version will be release soon ?

Best regards,
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New version soon ?   16 September 2010, 03:26

Yes, there will be. Although not much can be added into the RAM Disk product, there should be some new features. For example having image-based disks that are periodically saved to the associated file, and automatically created folders on boot-time disks. These features are currently in the works.

New version soon ?   26 September 2010, 00:19

Thank you for the information !

Best regards,

New version soon ?   01 November 2010, 22:01

Do you mean version 4?

It would be cool if the ram disk AND the ascociated image could be encrypted if wanted.
It would be crazy if plugins would be possible.
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New version soon ?   02 November 2010, 03:08

It's likely to be version 3.x, not version 4.

Basically implementing encryption is possible, but what is the point? You could use TrueCrypt to store images encrypted. Encrypting the RAM disk itself makes little sense either. Let's suppose the memory allocated for the RAM disk is encrypted and so are files on it. At the same time, all the files exposed via a drive letter assigned to the mounted disk.

As to plug-ins, well it probably depends on what sort of plug-ins you would like to have. In other words, what would be the purpose of having plug-ins?

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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