Bridging WiFi to Ethernet

Started by Rafik


Bridging WiFi to Ethernet   12 June 2019, 16:06

I'm in charge of testing our new Videotron's IPTV Set-top-box and I need to simulate network errors and the impact of these errors on the video quality. Your Connection Emulator software seems to fulfill my needs and here is the way I think to use it:
TV--STB--Ethernet--PC with your software in bridge mode--WiFi interface--Internet gateway
and add errors to see the impact.

I tested the architecture without errors using Windows internal bridge and the STB is able to connect to video back-end and it takes up to a few minutes (DHCP, buffering, ect.)

I have an issue with activating the bridge mode in my laptop between my Ethernet interface connected to the STB and my Wi-Fi interface connected to the gateway. Searching in your forum I found that Wi-Fi interfaces does not support promiscuous mode for monitoring (confirmed by Intel post for my particular laptop). Do you think I'll get more change using USB-Ethernet adapter connected to my laptop USB port to add another Eth interface?

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Re: Bridging WiFi to Ethernet   12 June 2019, 16:09

Yes, unfortunately bridging WiFi to Ethernet is not possible.

However, a USB Ethernet adapter should work fine, provided it supports promiscuous mode. Most adapters do, except the cheapest ones; please see this discussion USB to Ethernet Adapter and Promiscuous Mode.

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