WiFi Guard is awesome!

Started by TheSpectre


WiFi Guard is awesome!   27 November 2012, 09:26

Congratulations on the new WiFi Guard program.ok, yes, thumb up

I have been looking for just such a program for about a week now and this is great.

I have only been using Linux for a little less than a month now and finding some of the Linux software that is similar in function to what I used in Windows is challenging.

In Windows I used NETGEAR Genie for monitoring my Network and thanks to the SoftPerfect WiFi Guard I can easily keep an eye on my Network again.

The only issue that I have had is that under Settings the UI Behavior options are grayed out and cannot be selected.

Thanks for the great Program.ok, yes, thumb up
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Re: WiFi Guard is awesome!   27 November 2012, 09:34

Thank you for your feedback smile

The grayed options are currently only available in the build for Windows as we aimed to release the software as soon as possible.

Given enough demand, we will also implement those options for Linux and Mac OS and will otherwise develop this application further.

WiFi Guard = Awesome   20 December 2012, 07:02

Love it,,,, great program!

RTT   27 December 2012, 11:41

What does RTT stand for in the SoftPerfect WiFi Guard display and what is its significance?
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Re: what RTT stands for   27 December 2012, 11:52

WiFi Guard = Awesome   31 December 2012, 12:46

VERY nice and very clean, like everything you do.
Thank you.

Re: WiFi Guard is awesome!   15 March 2014, 22:43

I've been using WiFi Guard for about 6 months. NO PROBLEMS. Great program to alert of unauthorized router usage. Keep up the good work.

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