WiFi Guard features

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WiFi Guard features   06 December 2012, 03:51

Features for this program says "requires no installation", yet the download is an installation setup wizard. Is this application portable or not?
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Features   06 December 2012, 05:23

There are two options for download: the installer and the portable build, just click the drop-down box at the download page.

We provide the installer for convenience and this is the default option, however one can choose to download a portable copy instead.

Features   06 December 2012, 06:22

Okay, thanks. I did not look close enough . I thought the rest was for MAC and Linux.

Features   07 December 2012, 05:26

Please add the future for multi IP on same adapter and function to add the IP, network, IP range manually

Features   07 December 2012, 05:29

As in Network search enine - [www.softperfect.com]
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Features   16 December 2012, 17:29

Added in the latest snapshots.

It allows you to enter one or more IP address ranges that override the network adapter's IP information. Here is an example below.

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Features   24 December 2012, 05:54

Great - thanks for adding this MultiIP feature due to Multi IP adapter TCP/IP settings/

Thanks again

Features   27 December 2012, 04:29

Please add the feature:

2) if device found once and do not available now, after next scan not clear the history,
but display that device is offline
1) of % of availability online, high, low and average ping in ms


Features   27 December 2012, 04:34

0) Feature to Save and Load History will be a good reason while in interWiFi environments

Re: Features   24 October 2013, 12:12

Another feature request.

Ability to mark computers as essential (critical) and give notification when they do not respond to the scan. (go offline)

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