Shared features with Network Scanner

Started by lemonadesoda

Shared features with Network Scanner   07 December 2012, 20:12

I really like your Wifi Guard, although it is equally applicable to LAN non-wifi... wire connections too.

The "I know this device" option in properties is very nice. Can I make two suggestions:

1./ Make the red and green traffic light sortable (bring all unknown to the top or bottom of the list)

2./ Add this same feature ( "I know this device" ) to your awesome Network Scanner utility

To help identify devices on a existing network (my home network has over 20 devices, incl. printers, scanners, NAS, homeplug, router, etc.)... it would be helpful if:

3./ Also add a column with the info NIC Vendor (we would just need a link to download oui.txt in the Settings menu)

I agree that it is better to run the tool as frequently as possible to catch aliens asap. Therefore your 1-60 minute rule. However, what overhead does a scan create on the PC and network. Is in so small as to not worry, or will it create a lag?

4./ If lag, then settings should allow scan to occur only when PC idle.

A log file would be useful, and emailing of threats

5./ Log options should incl. long or short form. Long is comprehensive and includes full site survey. Short would be IF and ONLY IF an alien is spotted, and only the alien info is emailed, not the whole site.

A live log would be nice... for remote administrators

6./ FTP an HTML compatible file to publish on a website. Yep, I know that is a lot of coding, hopefully you can reuse stuff you already have... but how good is that to be able to remotely see what is on this LAN?

Right click on a device scans it thoroughly with NetScan

7./ If you right click, the IP address is sent to netscan for a comprehensive scan (rather than repeating the same code + feature set within Wifi Guard)

8./ Half the devices on a network have http:80 working... so offer the ability to right click on the device and get a web-browser to open with the relevant IP. This will help to quickly track down new printers or NAS etc. that have been turned on since last site survey etc.

SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

Shared features with Network Scanner   21 December 2012, 13:32

Thanks, we have noted your suggestions, however I can't promise implementing all of them. We'd like to keep WiFi Guard as simple as possible as it is indented more for home users than IT pros. Stay tuned smile

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