Request: sort devices automatically after scan

Started by Alsere


Request: sort devices automatically after scan   19 January 2013, 18:36

First I want to thank you for your excellent programs that I find it very good and really serve. smile

Just for luck to find your product arrives, but since then I follow it for updates, because you have great programs and it shows that you do it very professionally.

I have an observation about this program, is almost irrelevant at first glance, but if you can fix would be excellent.

It then shows the Scan Devices messy. He lacks that can automatically sort (and keep this preference after each scan) according to the preference of each user. That would be in order: "IP address", "MAC address", "RTT", "Name"., "Info", "Vendor".

Thanks. ok, yes, thumb up
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RE: Request: sort devices automatically after scan   20 January 2013, 14:07

Done in the latest build. Please download a fresh copy and it will retain your sort order smile

Request: sort devices automatically after scan   21 January 2013, 13:38

Thank you - it works smile

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