Bandwidth Throttling by ISPs

Started by Robert


Bandwidth Throttling by ISPs   10 May 2006, 01:27

I was just informed by my ISP that my upstream speed will get throttled (capped) if I sustain a constant upload stream for a "long period of time". I asked them to define what a long period of time was, and they said betwen 5 minutes and 5 hours. This pretty much excludes me from uploading any large files to my clients. So my question about this program is, is there a way for it to pause my upstream (bring it to 0KB/s) on this one computer once every 5 minutes?
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Re: Bandwidth Throttling by ISPs   10 May 2006, 02:39

No, our product is not capable to do this. Moreover, it won't work in the real world. When you suspend a connection, this means no bytes are sent in both directions. The server and the client will do a few attempts in 5-10 seconds to send the data and then close the connection thinking it is broken. So, it would be better to change your ISP if possible.

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