Upcoming Bandwidth Manager

Started by kiwi_rock

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   16 June 2006, 18:48

Really?That's great!I didn't know about this feature or you mentioned and I didn't see it smile?
Can I suggest you some minor and some major improvements (beside traffic prioritization that all we want it smile ) that could add value to BWM?
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Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   16 June 2006, 18:54

Sure, that would be excellent. The entire product is really built from the customers' suggestions smile
gaurav garg

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   17 June 2006, 15:45



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Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   17 June 2006, 16:37

Dynamic allocation is planned in the second half of 2006.

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   18 June 2006, 04:34

1.Integrated web server for displaying rule statistics,real time top bandwidth users (the next feature tha will be added).All in a nice interface (charts,pies,etc..) smile
Lucas Alexandre

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   19 June 2006, 00:11

Hi Andrew...

I am testing the Port Mapping feature... the redirect to web pages is work fine... but I have a problem with to set a proxy transparent...

I have a Server with BWM runing a Proxy on port 3128... I create rule port mapping forwarding all queries to 3128... but not works...

You say this:

"Then we install the bandwidth manager on the computer B and create a rule to catch any packets directed to port 80 from computer A. Finally, we bind a mapping to port 3128 with the rule"

I dont understand "B and create a rule to catch any packets directed to port 80 from computer"

How I can create this ? I need a better example...

Thanks... You are making a good job ! laugh

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   19 June 2006, 17:16

Hello, we have been testing out BWM, a very handy program btw, and saw this thread on the new version coming up and we have a question. Does the bwmsetup26b1 version support running on Win2k??? We have tried installing that beta version on a Win2k Adv server we have and it will install and it seems to startup, allows us to enter rules & such, but we can't seem to make it go into bridge mode. When we select 2 network adapters to create a bridge it shows them in the bridge section of the program, but it does not pass data between the 2 nics. Also if we reset the BWM service or reboot the server the bridge we setup disappears from the bridging section of BWM?

After we noticed that we couldnt get it to bridge correctly we uninstalled 26b1 and then reinstalled 2.5 and it will bridge correctly with no problems! If you have any suggestions or questions we are glad to hear them. We are quite interested in your great program and these new features sound very interesting. We would like to test the portmapping/forwarding to do some caching tests as you have suggested can be done. Thanks!

Lucas Alexandre

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   20 June 2006, 13:50

This version can controlling the mac's even behind a router ? Or I still have to control by IP ?
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Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   20 June 2006, 18:25

Hi Guys. I am sorry but due to unexpected delays we will be able to provide a newer build of the bandwidth manager only on the next Monday (26th of June). Thank you for pointing me to the current issues and I hope to fix them until that date. A step by step guide how to use the new features also should be available.

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   21 June 2006, 06:17

Thanks for the update, but can you still answer me this if you know... will the new version support Win2k????
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Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   21 June 2006, 15:45

Yes and no. If you are using Kerio or Sygate products, you need a special edition of the bandwidth manager, which does not support Windows 2000. If you are not using the above products, you may use the standard release, which supports Windows 2000/XP/2003. However, the new version no longer supports Windows NT.

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   22 June 2006, 07:38

Yeah we had read about the special version for kerio/sygate problems, but we don't use them so that wasn't a problem. We were just interested in the new features you were adding in the 2.6 version(portmapping,etc) and wondering if this new version will still run on Win2k Adv Server. We had tried the 2.6b1 version on Win2k and it installed but didn't want to do any bridging correctly.

From what I read in your above post, I guess you are putting Win2k in the category with NT4 because it uses some NT technology, meaning that the new 2.6 version will NOT work on Win2k??!!

Guess we will look at switching a server over to XP to use with BWM, as we don't really want to pay the outrageous price for Win2003 since we have no other real need for it atm and we already own several licensed copies of XP pro. Thanks for the info!

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Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   22 June 2006, 12:25

All the modern Windows releases such as Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista (beta) are based originally on Windows NT. In other words, all these are improved versions of NT. Currently, bridging isn't working in Windows 2000 as you noticed just due to a bug in this beta version. This will be fixed.

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   22 June 2006, 16:44

Oh ooook.. gotcha! Thanks for clearing that up... thats exactly what I was wanting to know! smile

BWM 2.6b stop all communication   30 June 2006, 23:44

The BWM 2.6b stop all communication after some time.

I am using Kerio, Windows XP SP2, and I have more than 150 rules (clients)...
I was using BWM 2.5 version and I did not have problems.

Andrew, you already has a correction for this problem?

It forgives for the hasteā€¦ In case that you it does not have the correction, I will install version 2.5 of the BWM.

Thanks again...

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   04 July 2006, 03:37


To prevent greaters problems, I came back toward the previous version (2.5). Until the problems of version 2.6 are solved all.

Thanks Again... laugh

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   18 July 2006, 20:06

I wanted to add some suggestions...

1- An Auto-refresh for the stats window, instead of pressing "Refresh" repeatedly to see a live graph.

2- Multi-selection for rules in the main window, to delete or drag multiple rules at the same time.

3- Ability to copy and paste rules to make multiple copies of them if needed (I know the Batch option, but it would be better to have Copy and Paste as a side option too smile)

4- Ability to add port ranges the same way of adding multiple ports (the list style)

5- Option to constraint the number of connections from a certain source, and the ability to read some live stats of it

6- An option to distribute a certain bandwidth among a group of users ... let's say I want to divide 100KB/s among 20 users, but instead of giving each in the group 5K (which is still a good option), it would be better to divide the 100K among the active ones, if 10 users are active then each gets 10K, but to determine which is active and which isn't, a timeout should be implemented, if a user didn't get an BW for a <variable optional time> then he's considered inactive in that group and his share goes to the rest till he comes active again, this is different than the current situation where a group is limited by the total BW limit, which one user could force take all of that BW for himself, instead either A) dividing it among the active ones OR B) dividing it among the "active" users (more advanced) would be a really great feature, you see, I have (and many others who use this software, and other ones too) certain number of users in the network which I want to divide the BW among them equally based on who is active at every given time.

7- The ability to open multiple stat windows at the same time

These are my "wish list" for this program, it's a great one (I used MANY others but this is the best for a home user), and I want to make it better, that's why I thought why not tell the devs about what I think, Thanks.

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager - Problem   24 July 2006, 06:03

If I set alias of IP in advanced TCP/IP protocol, the bandwidth service load to 100% of cpu usage.

I have Windows XP SP2 installed with Winroute.

I am using the special version of BWM for Kerio and Sygate

Re: Upcoming Bandwidth Manager   02 August 2006, 09:37

Anyway I've finally got a few cards in my PC to play with the bridging feature more.

I'm using 2 older Intel cards and a Genius GF100TRXII (rtl8139/a) based NIC. Although I'll be ditching the Intel's soon, as I can not configure their IRQ to anything else than 9 and 11 which is shared with other stuff on the PC. The Genius card I love as I can assign it an IRQ of even 3,4,5 and 7 in BIOS and it allows it to run on it. Only the RTL8139/A is no longer available and no manufacture seems to specify the IRQ's they will be able to accept.

I'm using a standard pc install not a ACPI so I'm able to optimise this PC's configuration in BIOS to avoid IRQ resource sharing on the NIC's, appart from the Intel card problem.

So I'm still on the look out for replacement cards that accept IRQ's of 3,4,5 and 7 as I don't need those on my router PC for anything else. Anyone got any recommendations of cards that will fall in to that catagory or use?

I'm aiming for 2 NIC's on their own IRQ's with bandwidth manger and using routing rather than bridging. I have a strange experiment I want to test, which is usign 2 wi-fi channels and asymetric routing to create a full-duplex link with efficient bandwidth control, this is on the list of things to do anyway.


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