How to limit a LAN Speed for IP range

Started by Hassam


How to limit a LAN Speed for IP range   27 October 2010, 15:05

i want to know that how to limit a LAN speed
for this ip range to
i want 5 mb lan this ip range...

Limit a Lan Speed   31 October 2010, 17:14

1- from (File) menu,, choose (Settings)
go to (LAN) tab, and make ( Ignore LAN traffic ) unchecked.

2- Make this Rule :

-Direction = Out
- Transfer Rate = 5240000 Bytes/s

-Protocol = TCP/UDP
- Interface= LAN or u can use "Any interface"

- Source = Local
- Source Ports = list = 139 , 445 ( to limit file sharing, and this is what I expected from your question! )

- Destination = Whole IP range = Your IP range you want to limit
- Source Ports = ANY

This rule should limit file sharing transfer when a user within that IP range try to copy a shared files on BWM machine..
but 'll NOT limit the BWM machine when it copy files from this IP range PCs.

you can customize it to your needs..
I hop I understood what you want to achieve.

Limit a Lan Speed   01 November 2010, 03:27

ok, yes, thumb up Very good my friend moro666 smile

Good to see you helping people on the forum.

Limit a Lan Speed   01 November 2010, 06:21

Since there's no New Betas to test them,, I have nothing to do but waiting for v3.xx and helping people wink

I hope to see you soon, Lucas

Limit a Lan Speed   05 November 2010, 04:40

thanku thanku sooo soo soo much!!

Limit a Lan Speed   05 November 2010, 04:51

Thanx again...i love u ok, yes, thumb up my big prob solved today smile
bro 1 more question i want to blocl/ unlimited speed for particular website!!

any solution

Limit a Lan Speed   05 November 2010, 09:09


i want to blocl/ unlimited speed for particular website!!

You can do this, ( if ) you want to block/unlimit FEW sites and there server IP address is static, or at least this site use a limited range of IPs. and you'll now why later. ( *** )

consider a site like ( ) has an IP address =
and it has another server, holding it's images , files , itc =

do this rule :

-Direction = Both
- Transfer Rate = Unlimited

-Protocol = TCP/UDP
- Interface= LAN 

- Source = Single local IP or IP range of computers in your LAN. (for ex. - )
- Source Ports = ANY

- Destination = IP address of site server ( for ex. ) or ...   address group ( * )
- Source Ports = (ANY)   or  ( 80 ) for browsing and most downloads or  customize for your needs!

( * )
You can created an address group list ( known as "IP/MAC groups" ) for sites( servers IPs ) you want to unlimited.

so you can add in this list for example ( + + etc )

and in Source options , choose ( Group ) and you 'll find your list there.

( *** )
This work for limited sites, OR if you have the patient, you can add many servers IPs you want, ( for me I don't have this patient laugh )

and you have to consider that some or many sites have several IP addresses for their Domain name, and these IPs changes frequently. I mean 1 site has several IPs

for so long time,, I requested this feature from Andrew ( make BWM works on Domain names, NOT only IP address and mac address )

I asked for this feature to do what you want to do ( limit / unlimit ) certain Domains. and I don't know if we 'll find this feature in the upcoming version 3 ,, or even if we 'll see version 3 alive soon !!!

Good Luck!

ThankuUUUUU.   05 November 2010, 17:17

will u plz tell me how to get the ip adresses of domains ?

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