Is Bandwidth Manager compatible with my router?

Started by g4lly

Is Bandwidth Manager compatible with a router ?

mine is an Tompson speedtouch 510.

Tanks for your replies.
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Re: Is Bandwidth Manager compatible with my router?   18 May 2006, 14:38

This doesn't matter what router you use. The bandwidth manager functionality mostly depends on your network topology. Let me explain how it works. The Bandwidth Manager works in client-server model. This means it consists of two parts: the user interface (what you see) and the system service that runs and does the job. When you run the Bandwidth Manager GUI it asks you for a host name (e.g. localhost) and password where the service is running. The service must be installed either on a Windows based Internet gateway, or a Windows based bridge between the router and the LAN. Alternatively, it can be installed on every client PC but this is a poor solution. In other words, the service must be able to see and filter the traffic that you want to limit.

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