Static MAC to IP binding

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Static MAC to IP binding   17 May 2006, 07:41

Hi Andrew I have read some posts end in one post were gaurav garg says bind both mac & ip and you confirmed that but how to create that rule were you can enter both and mac and ip or how to built ARP table with MAC-IP bindings table.

Thanks in advance!

One more thing if I like so every one has fast surfing mining http but if X user star to download the big files can I reduce his transfer rate but still not to affect the http transfer rate can you give me an example. And example for the post above blocking the mac-s that are not listed above
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Re: static MAC to IP binding   18 May 2006, 14:54

To build a static MAC to IP binding, you will need to use the Windows OS features, particularly the arp command. Open a command prompt and type arp and press Enter. Use the command line like this to add a binding:
arp -s   00-aa-00-62-c6-09
This will cause your system will only be communicating with the host if it has the MAC address 00-aa-00-62-c6-09. Please note, these bindings are not permanent. You will need to make a startup script to load the bindings into the ARP cache. To deny access for those who is not listed in the bandwidth manager's rules, create a rule within the bandwidth manager that blocks any communications from your LAN IP address range and put the rule to the end of the ruleset. I can't give you an example, because I need to know your LAN IP range and to see your current ruleset.

As to second your question, currently it is not possible, because the bandwidth manager does watch sessions. It works with individual packets and is unable to determine how long a transfer lasts. However, thanks for the idea. Perhaps, the product will support it the future.

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