Setting a rule for a wifi user on my network

Started by brandon


Setting a rule for a wifi user on my network   02 February 2011, 14:41

Sir Andrew,

pls help me how to set a rule to wifi user on my bandwidth manager. also if he has another pc needs to connect on our network limiter and he has a wireless too how can i set that rule for him so that even his using his pc or wireless his usage is included on his quota for the whole month. hope u understand what i mean. thanks
Alan Long

how can i set a rule for a wifi user on my network?   04 February 2011, 02:23

If you know his ip address, configure a rule for his particular ip. That is how we handle an apartment complex, we have rules setup for each ip our dhcp server hands out, that way everyone gets the same bandwidth.

how can i set a rule for a wifi user on my network?   07 February 2011, 16:46

ip address of router the one on the router site? i think i already tried that but nothings happen. here's what i want on router wireless.

need to know how to include the wireless router on my bandwidth manager so that every laptop or wired connection to that wireless router will read the usage in one rule. pls help i was tried create a rule for wireles and lan when he used the wireless it will read the usage from wireless mac and if he used lan will read the mac from lan. i want to confugure the whole wirelss router so that even he tried to use lan or wireless its appeared on one rule for that wireless router. hope you understand what i mean. i'm not really good in english...thanks

how can i set a rule for a wifi user on my network?   08 February 2011, 00:37

Ok if the user is connecting to a wireless router, either via wireless or lan connection, he will show up at the hotspot as the mac of the wan side of the router. You would put in a rule for whatever ip address is assigned to the wan port of the router. You can't have users behind a router and shape them individually, as they will get a nat at the router, and show up as the ip/mac of the wan side of the router.
Now if you have an access point that does bridging, then you could catch each user, as they would not be getting a nat.

how can i set a rule for a wifi user on my network?   08 February 2011, 20:07

I dont get it sir, do i need to use the wan port for this if im going to use this wireless router as a access point? i read some forum that i can use this wireless router as a access point

ex: modem .> pc bmw< ---- >switch< ----wireless router access point ----laptop wireless

i want this set up like this but i dont know if what ip or mac do i need to put on my rule so that every wirelss or pc that connected to that wireless will read the usage of this wireless access point in one rule.

how can i set a rule for a wifi user on my network?   20 April 2011, 15:48

If you have a user that uses both wired and wireless, the wireless card will have a different MAC than the wired Ethernet card. You'd need to make a rule including a list of both the users wifi card MAC and ethernet MAC in order to have a single rule/single quota track both his wireless or wired connection.

Another alternative, is your DHCP server assigns him the same IP address to his Ethernet card each time, and a different specific IP address to his wi-fi card each time. Then you could set a single rule/single quota with a list of the multiple IP addresses he uses.


My setup is more complex. I have a Windows 2000 Professional workstation running Software Perfect Bandwidth manager and IP forwarding enabled to perform IP routing (not NAT). It has 4 NIC's in it.

The WAN (NIC 1) connects to a wireless bridge that provides Internet access from a remote router (3 Kilometers away) that does NAT'ting which has a total bandwidth rule of 3.1Mbps on the WAN NIC. It operates in the range 192.168.1.X.

Another NIC (NIC 2) connects to a wireless access point and there are rules setup for users through that NIC to limit each wi-fi user to 1Mbps, based on IP address also. It operates in the range 192.168.5.X and there are quota's imposed on these ones.

I have 3rd NIC that is connected to my wired LAN, and it has rules setup also to 1Mbps per IP address (each user) on the LAN. It operates in the range 192.168.4.X. There are also quotas imposed on these ones as well.

I have a spare NIC I use for non-internet access internal testing.

The Win2K box also performs basic IP routing/forwarding and the upstream Internet router supports static routing in order to send packets back to the Win2K box for the different subnets. The upstream Internet router handles NAT as well, so my BWM machine manages everything based on local IP addresses before passing packets on to the NAT router. I found this the easiest way for my situation.

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